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Student marketing and competitions

"My LU Experience" photo contest

The ”My Lund University Experience” Photo Contest encourages participants to submit a photo depicting a highlight of their student experience at Lund University. The next competition will take place in spring 2019.

"My LU Experience" photo contest 2018
Tulips with Palaestra et Odeum in the background
Winning 2018 "My LU Experience" photo by Tuba Kabasakal

"My LU Experience" photo contest 2017

Photo of beautiful pink sunset along a cobble-stone Lund street
Winning 2017 "My LU Experience" photo by Maria Victoria Vinokurov

"My LU Experience" photo contest 2016

Winning "My LU Experience 2016" photo by Rachel Ang Yan Ting. Photo show Lund Cathedral and tree tops covered in winter frost on a blue sky sunny day.
Winning "MY LU Experience" photo 2016 by Rachel Ang Yan Ting

"My LU Experience" photo contest 2015

Photo from Paradisgatan street in Lund by Benni Yusriza
Winning "MY LU Experience" photo 2015 by Benni Yusriza

"My LU Experience" photo contest 2014

Typical Lund atmosphere photo competition winner
Winning "MY LU Experience" photo 2014 by Thomas Roos

Instagram photo challenge: Lund vs Uppsala

Instagram picture of the main university building in wintertime

Through the hashtag #UppsalaVsLund we invite current students who live and/or study in Lund to help us showcase our fantastic campus, in a friendly rivalry with Uppsala University.

Take a picture of something you like about your university: great museums, fine art, oldest gadgets, hottest buildings, graduation ceremonies, you name it. Upload the image via Instagram (requires a smartphone). Tag with #UppsalaVsLund and the name of the university, for example #LU #lunduniversity #lundsuniversitet.

Remember to write what you have photographed. Geotags are welcome. Lund University has campus areas in Helsingborg and Malmö, so you can upload photos from there as well.

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