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What Tamara says about the Master's in Architecture

Tamara Varlamova

Tamara Varlamova from Russia


Why did you choose the Master’s programme in Architecture at Lund University?

“I actually decided to take the Master’s in Sweden during the first years of my Bachelor’s. It seemed important for me to gain some international experience, both in terms of education and living abroad as such. From the description on the LTH webpage, the Architecture programme in Lund seemed very similar to what I was looking for: a humanistic approach to design with a focus on the new global challenges.”
When and how did you decide what to focus on for your Master’s thesis?

“Since the workflow was super diverse all along, I was able to meet new people, visit new places and try out different new things. This opened up my mind to new ideas. At the same time, I was looking for something that would be in demand back home. This is how I found out I wanted to work with public playgrounds. Having learned from Scandinavian playgrounds, I dedicated my thesis project to finding new ways of building them in Russia.”
How did you get your first job after graduation?

“After graduation I applied for a job in Moscow-based architecture studio that specialises in design for play. Above all, my strong suit was the international background as well as the desire to work within this particular field.”
What do you work with right now and how do you like it?

“At the moment I’m designing playscapes in close collaboration with child psychologists, playground equipment manufacturers and public authorities. What I like most about my job is the fact that I’m involved in the project from commission to construction. The process doesn’t take too long, so I may soon be able to see my input realised.”
To what extent did your programme prepare you for your current position?

“The Master’s made me more confident in my profession. I can now see things from a wider perspective and establish new contacts worldwide.”
Do you have any tip for current or future students of the programme?

“To all current and future students of the Master’s I would recommend to stay open to the diverse opportunities the programme offers. Take the chance to discover whatever aspects of design you are truly interested in. To those students who come from a more traditional academic environment, I would recommend to relax a bit and enjoy it as much as you can!”